5 NOV 2016


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Finding the Cause of a Household Power Fault.

Have you ever woken up to find that the fridge is off, the TV won’t work and the kettle won’t boil?

When you know what you’re looking for a fault in your power can be resolved quickly and efficiently so you can get back to making your morning coffee and enjoying your day.

The most common causes of household faults are:

  • Items with motors or elements i.e. washing machine, dishwasher, toaster, heater, kettle.

  • Water in an outside fitting or GPO. The light or GPO does not have to be on for the safety switch to trip.

  • Over loading a circuit. Each power circuit has around 20amps of current available per circuit. To fix this you can either use that appliance on another circuit or have an electrician split the circuit and run a new one back to the switchboard.

Below is a guide to help you find a fault without having to call your electrician.

  • Establish whether it a local outage or confined to your house only. This can be done by checking with a neighbour or checking with your retailer by going to their website or phoning them.

  • If it is confined to your property locate your switchboard and reset the circuit breaker by flicking the safety switch upwards. Your switchboard is usually located in the garage or on the side of the house.

  • If the switch will not remain upwards the next step is to try and pin point where the fault is coming from. To do this you simply go to your switch board and turn off each circuit breaker that proceeds the safety switch that has tripped. Reset the safety switch and each circuit breaker one at a time until the safety switch trips again.

  • If it was a POWER circuit breaker that caused the safety switch to trip (You will find power or light listed below each C/B)

  • Leave the circuit breaker off and reset the safety switch again. Now go through the whole house and pull out each and every plug from all of your power points.

  • Return to the switchboard and reset the faulty circuit breaker upwards. If it remains up then you have a fault within one of your appliances. This is normally an item that runs constantly ie. Fridge.

  • To find the faulty appliance plug in each item one at a time until the power trips again.

  • If the circuit breaker continues to trip the safety switch it may be an internal issue and an electrician should be called to further inspect.

  • If it was a LIGHTING circuit breaker that caused the safety switch to trip complete the same process as above but instead turn all the lights off and back on one at a time.

If you have a power outage and require assistance from a qualified electrician call PMZ Electrics on 0412 554 085; if we can help you over the phone we will do so free of charge.