Five electrical tips you should know to keep your house safe:

9 FEB 2017


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Sadly over 11,000 residential fires occur yearly in Australia and approximately 20% of these are caused by electrical faults. It is not surprising however that almost all of these disasters are preventable by taking some precautionary measures to make your home electrically safe. Home fires pose a serious risk to you, your family, your home, and your possessions so it is well worth taking the time to ensure you follow the below tips:  


Safety Switches

It is easy to forget that our everyday appliances can cause us harm. Faulty wiring, faulty appliances or accidents with electricity can be fatal. With the trip time rate of 0.003 milli seconds it means when you touch a live cable it will turn off the power almost instantly and ultimately save your life. Regulations require every new home to have at least two safety switches to cover all lighting and power circuits however almost 40% of Victorian homes are still yet to upgrade to install safety switches. Is your family protected against serious harm with the security of a safety switch? If the answer is no, then you should think very seriously about installing a safety switch. And, do it now.


Smoke Alarms  

Smoke alarms are life-saving devices that detect smoke well before any sleeping occupant would and provide critical seconds to implement actions to save life and property. In all new homes, it is mandatory that not only shall a smoke alarm be installed in front of all bedrooms and top of stairwells but also that photoelectric smoke alarms are now used too. They respond faster than standard smoke alarms and reduce false alarms. Photoelectric alarms are particularly effective at detecting smoldering fires and heat, which provides the earliest possible warning of a small developing fire.


Cable Checks

Faulty and outdated wiring in the home is the leading cause of residential fires so needless to say having your cabling checked could be well worth the investment. With some homes containing cable up to 60 years old in the roof and walls it makes you wonder how an aluminum cable wrapped in cotton can power something today like a 2000watt heater or a whole kitchen worth of appliances when homes this old are generally rated for no more than 3500watts in total. A good reason to consider replacing old wiring, aside from electrical home safety, is that some insurance carriers may refuse to insure houses with older electrical systems, or they may insist owners pay higher premiums.


Install LED light fittings

If you have worked with PMZ electrics before then you will know we are a passionate advocate for switching to LED’s; not just because they are energy efficient and cosmetically appealing but because they are a safer option for your home. Halogen lights pose a direct threat to all homes and can reach dangerous temperatures of more than 300°C. There are a few types of things that can make halogen bulbs dangerous; these include heat, risk of explosion, being top heavy and the potential to ignite combustible liquids or fumes. Being aware of the dangers associated with halogen lights can help minimize the risks that come with using halogen light bulbs. Making the change to LED light fittings will eliminate the risk.


Avoid overloading Power Boards

Poor maintenance and incorrect usage of power boards can result in home fires endangering lives and causing considerable damage to property. Avoid potential risk by using power boards as a temporary solution only. In homes that weren’t wired for a huge volume of energy-draining appliances a five-socket power board loaded up will cause your power to trip and in extreme cases cause a fire to start. In this day and age with phone chargers, TVs, set top boxes, and DVD players you are best to speak to a certified electrician regarding your power requirements and devise a safe and suitable upgrade. Whether it be a new GPO or new wiring; it will be a solid investment to your family’s safety and your homes protection.


Unfortunately, home fires will always be a risk that we need to be aware of but making your home electrically fire safe will provide peace of mind from knowing what you and your family can do to prevent a house fire. To learn more about electrical safety or for a cable check please call our principal electrician Paul Ziccone on 0412 554 085; if we can help you over the phone we will do so free of charge!